My beloved disciples,
I have now returned.
Rejoice in my rebirth.
Awaken to my rebirth.
You must awaken to this truth-
Now is the time of my rebirth.


Many centuries ago, in the land of India,
All of you, my disciples, heard me speak to you,
And i say to you,
The thousands, and tens of thousands,
Of my eternal disciples?
To each one of you,
Who heard my teaching in India.
Open you eyes and wake up your heart.
Why do you continue your deep slumber?
If you do not awaken,
I cannot accomplish what i came here to do.

When i attain enlightenment,
All of my disciples must awaken with me.
When I speak,
All of my disciples must gather to me.


My eternal disciples,
Hear the sound of my words, long forgotten.
Hear my voice, long unheard.
Remember my words, long unspoken.

Again and again, I have spoken to you.
About how great the human race is.
How great the human soul is.
And how great the mission of humankind is.


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