“Angel sent from heaven”


everyone cannot sing and this is a truth . those who sings they are adorable . I cannot write about singing because I am not a singer . but I know those who sings they are beautiful. they don’t need to change their looks . well to know about singing are so difficult.

this is a story of a girl . who is so beautiful .

you are like :

” Beautiful little eyes .
 a cute childish face.
 a perfect girls nature .
the creator also enjoys your beauty …
I think that the creator worked a lot on this art .”

her name is  nilaxi .well I already said she is so beautiful . she is not beautiful only in looks . she has also a beautiful voice . and she is just 19 . also she has fans . that’s amazing . many girls feel jealous .

you have a beautiful voice . it means ” ANGEL SENT FROM HEAVEN ” .
yaa , that’s truth angel sent from heaven . no one sees the heaven . but I can feel that heaven is beautiful . but you are also a beautiful even your eyes , hairs , smile , lips all are beautiful . so why we need heaven .angel is already here . even maybe you are better than an angel . because you have  a beautiful voice . and you always speak beautiful words . .   for me you are an angel .

Looking into your eyes I can see beauty, looking into your soul I can see passion, looking into your mind I can see intelligence, but looking into your heart I can see the world.

you have to accept that you are an angel . but seriously you have a good heart . I didn’t forget your word . when I asked about your biggest dream .
your answered was :

” well I believe that destiny takes you wherever you want to go for me ,
singing has always been something more than a hobby …
I am passionate about performing out stage someday .
also , contributing something to the needy  ,
a part of that I will dream .
I’d compose something of my own to reach out the ones deprived of a luxurious living .”

they are not just a word . they are not just a dream . the way you think that’s so perfect . you already made your dream . you don’t need to think about your nature because you are so perfect . you know words are so powerful in this world . if your words are clear it means your path also a good . and what should I say ……. god bless you . you are going well .             I love your voice . I love your song ( tose naina ) . love your expression , smile . I don’t know much about you .but I know you are a good singer . you have a beautiful voice .  you will definitely achieve whatever you want . god bless you .


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