“We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.

Aditya : hey how are you bro .
Rajat : fine but where are you nowadays.
Aditya : i was busy a little bit .
rajat : hey shubham and arpit .
shubham: sir where are you nowadays . you don’t have time to meet us.
Aditya : bro……
Arpit : our bro are busy with …..? .
prashant : hehehe .
shubham : bro we are also your friend . don’t forget this .
aditya : guys i have to go now . and tomorrow we will meet you all have to come .
prashant : sure . we will definitely come .
Aditya : okhay tonight i will tell you where you all have to come.

so they are my best friends

yes nowdays i was little bit busy with someone. but it doesn’t mean i forgot my friends .
but okhay that conversation didn’t much serious . they was just doing fun with me .

rajat : aditya where are you we are waiting.
aditya : just on the way i am coming in few minutes .

after few minutes .

shubham : again you are not on time .
aditya : it’s okhay yaar . sorry
arpit : why you invited us here .
prashant : everything is alright or not .
rajat : bro i am feeling hungry . i am going to eat .
Arpit : me too .
aditya : no you are not going to anywhere . just wait for a few minutes .

a beautiful girl came .

hey .

arpit : hey i am…….
aditya : aahhh arpit wait …hey how are you .
girl : good .
aditya : so they all are my friends .
friends : heys .
aditya : nowadays i am busy with this girl . she is SUMMEYE .
rajat : summeye ?
arpit : summeye ?
prashant: aditya is she Muslim ?
summeye : yes i am Muslim but what’s the problem .
aditya : chill ! summeye now you should go i will call you after sometimes .
summeye : why i should go . your friends can go . they are reacting so much i am not…
Aditya : summeye i am talking you just go now .

summeye went .

aditya : what is this .
rajat : what are you doing bro she is Muslim and you are Rajput .
aditya : so ! you are also Jainism and i am Rajput still we are friends. and you are comparing religion in this generation .
arpit : you are gone mad . we are Hinduism .
aditya : bro don’t preach me . this is my life you have to accept .
prashant : bro you will get so much difficulties with this girl .
Aditya : i will not change .that’s it now you all can go.
shubham : okhay bro but think deeply . she wear hijab how can roam with her .
shubham : i will suggest you many girl .
aditya : i will not change my decision .
rajat : let’s go . he wants to create history like jodha akbar .
Aditya : what you have said .. listennn……
shubham : don’t fight we will talk tomorrow .
aditya : i don’t want .

and we left

i came my home .

mom : why you came so late .
aditya : i am not children . i am going to sleep . i am tired.

i entered my room .

i should call now
aditya : hey summeye listen .
summeye :now what you want to say . i got insulted today just because of you . this is your love . i am Muslim i wear hijab that mean you will hate me .
aditya : still i am not change for you . i will definitely make him understand .
summeye : no you don’t need . jut find hindu girl okhay .
aditya : now you should mind your tongue . i said i am not changing. what ever they have said i don’t care.
Summeye : but i care .
Summeye : i got insulted . i don’t have any problem with your friends . but they insulted infront of me . and how can they think comparison between religion . it’s our life .
summeye : i want one answer by you..
aditya : ya ya… i love you .
summeye : ahann i am not joking right now . you have to choose one . your FRIENDS OR I
Aditya : what are you saying they are my besties. i can’t .
Summeye : then make your path .

mom : aditya your friends are calling you .
aditya : i will think now bye .
with friends …….

Prashant : how are you.
aditya : good .
shubham : come to point what you have decided .
Aditya : nothing .
Prashant : bro see your friends are against with you .
definitely your parents also against if they see you somewhere .
Rajat : bro friendship are most important not girl . i will suggest many girl . you are my brother . want to eat something .
Arpit : let’s go rajat .
Rajat : i don’t have money for you .
shubham : i also want to eat .
aditya : now stop . and i am not going to anywhere . i will tell you tomorrow .

they went …..

now what should i do .

in-front of mirror…..

Aditya : give me any solution . i am in a dilemma .
mirror : that’s simple
Aditya : amazing .. now tell me .
Mirror : just think about who will support your love or who will against .
Aditya: everyone will be against . if friends are not supporting it mean no one will be support .
Mirror : now you got your answer .

mirror could not say easily . something are hidden .

after 1 hour i decided what should i do .

just call summeye .

Aditya : hey ………. ( personal conversation can’t tell )
next day

i went in a group .

rajat , arpit , shubham ,prashant  all are staring me .

Aditya : what…
rajat : what you have decided .

Aditya : aaj bunk ka kharcha mai uthaa raha hu bhai log kaha chalna hai .

lot’s of happiness come in a group . we are engineer . we love to bunk a class . and

and still we are besties .

now everything fine .

in a night ….

Aditya : hello my love .
Summeye : so you created new way .
Aditya : ya . now both are happy . if everyone are against so i don’t need to tell anyone who are you. you are also not in my college .
Summeye : ya i understood you told your decision yesterday night . i was feeling comfortable .
Aditya : ya…. ( again personal conversation )

there are always some people stand who are against your relationship . but if you get this beautiful memories then make your way that should be comfortable with all side .



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