What is reality but a concept unique to each of us? Can anything be classed as real when our perceptions differ greatly on so many things? Just because we see something a particular way does not make it so. We can be so insistent sometimes that our way of seeing something is more right than someone else’s way.
Keep an open mind at all times and remember that a point of view is always valuable to each individual. I always used to class myself as someone who was ‘realistic’ but after contemplating this further I realised that the term ‘realistic’ means something very different entirely.
Lets take the example of war.
There are some people who believe that war is necessary sometimes to get peace and then in order to keep the peace. 

There are other people who will believe that war is evil and should never be entered into no matter what. Who is right? Is war right or wrong? That’s just an example and I’m not here to answer that question.
A great thinker said about reality .
“We see the world, not as it is, but as we are” – Talmud
you know what we are really confused about Truth or reality . we think that truth are reality but there is so much difference between truth or reality . we can also say like this TRUTH VS REALITY . 
yes!! so much differences between truth and reality .you know what we all have to accept that sometimes lies makes truth .we make truth to save us. 

but reality is this truth are came from lie. 
when we got late for home . so we worry about to think that how we make him believe . you know already many calls came . so what’s the conclusion come truth are not a reality .
there is lots of examples that always happen in our daily life and when we try to find out the conclusion we will get truth are not a reality.
actually truth are easy to create but reality always force you to do hard work and get all the truth. 
it is not easy to find what is reality or what is truth of life .but it does not mean truth always come from lie. it’s all about what you have established.
just try to find out deeply about ” TRUTH VS REALITY ”
Reality and Truth are two words that are often misunderstood to convey the same meaning but strictly speaking they are not so. Reality is an existent fact whereas truth is an established fact. There is lot of difference between an existent fact and an established fact.
Reality has been existent ever since the beginning of the universe. On the other hand truth is something that you have proved. Truth is the exactness of a fact. Hence it is something you try to establish. This is the main difference between reality and truth.
In the same way reality is the one that does not change its nature in the present and future too. It is always of the same nature. On the other hand truth can change its nature in due course. Many scientific truths were disproved in the past. The truth about the planetary motion was re-established later. Hence truth sometimes is bound to change.
Reality tells us about the real nature of a particular thing, experience, existence and the like. Truth tells about the fact that has been invented or experimented. In other words it can be said that reality gives rise to truth.
On the other hand truth is all about power. As a conclusion it can be said that it takes time for reality to become truth. How long it takes for the reality to become truth lies in the hands of man. Man needs the power to establish the truth in the reality that has been existent for long.


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