When you do good work then people appreciate your work . but there are also some people who are against your work.
That doesn’t matter who hates you. Just believe in yourself . i already wrote about  ” believe in yourself ”

But today i am writing own attitude  . the biggest problem for many person that they count the people . when they count others then fears come . we all should know about our quality.
This may be like :-

I have own mind.
I have own ideas.
I have own qualities.
I have purpose .
I have own destiny.
I have own responsibility .
I have own decision.
I can think
I can run
I can do.
Only i can win.
Only i can fail.
Only i can feel tired.
Only i can invent.
Only i can destroy .
Only i can fall down .
Only i can give you love.
Only i can hurt you.
Only i can give you happiness.
Only i can give you tears.
Only i can give you promise.
Only i can give you respect.
Only i can tease you.
Only i can humiliate you.
Only i can give you smile .
Only i can help you.
Only i can give you inspiration.
Only i can teach you good lesson.
Only i can teach you bad habits.
Only i can beat you.
Only i can scold you.
Only i can understand your feelings.
Only i can judge you.
Only i can share with you.
Only i can hide .
Only i can make you laugh.
Only i can make you understand.
Only i can feel jealous.
Only i can go back.

This all things are in our hand . no one can give all these points to use your body.

Why we all think about others . one side we know that all are in our hand.
Then why??
I know that.
When i go to exam hall. i have one pen , i get one exam copy and paper.
And only its depend on me . i will pass or fail. Its impossible that i get others student marks in my marksheet.

There are so many examples that prove that everything are made only for you.


If i want to be a engineer. Then why i count others . i know that time only i have to give answer .
if i want to be a actor then why i count others.

I have to accept that all things are made for me . if i choose that way it means that way may be open for me. if i try my best.

Never compare anyone.
Be yourself.
Love yourself.
Believe in yourself.


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