What up! What up! What up! Isn’t it funny how we expect an apology from someone when they have wronged us? When you buy a faulty product, you expect a refund and an apology. Why don’t we hold ourselves accountable the same way? How many times have you gone against a promise you made to yourself, or compromised your values to someone else? Did you apologize to yourself? Did you look at yourself in the mirror and scold yourself? Did you put yourself on punishment? I highly doubt that. I bet you blamed it on something external.


Look, you will never get to the next level if you can’t hold yourself accountable. You will never accomplish your goals if you can’t self-assess. You will never achieve greatness if you can’t be honest with yourself. It’s time for you to look within and clean out the mess. It’s time for you to stop lying to yourself and hold yourself . It’s time to stop accepting your mistakes. The promises you’ve made to yourself—keep them. You can’t blame anyone else for you loss. For once, look at yourself and be honest. It’s so much sweeter on the other side of pain, frustration, and doubt. You owe it to yourself. Make the rest of your life, the best of your life!

Inspired by ET.


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