Ooh you’re the best friend
that I ever had
I’ve been with you such a long time
You’re my sunshine and I want you to know
That my feelings are true
I really love you
Oh you’re my best friend”

There are so many ways to explain friendship .

But people says that “OLD IS GOLD”
Old friends are best friends forever .
We love to think about past .
And in a friendship we miss our old friend’s.

We have lots of friends in school , college or anywhere

But we have only 4 friends who is best  present They are not best but when we explain our friends then conclusion gives  ” THEY ARE BESTIES ”

Here ! I am going to tell four types friends that we all have.

I have four friend’s

We four friends have different personality.

Arpit is small height boy and dark colour

May be he is cute..
I think small height boy somewhere looks cute.


Rajat is fat guy.. And fair colour
His height is good.


Again in a friendship small friends are much..
He is also small height boy.. And dark colour also.


Aditya is tall boy
Aditya is 6ft tall dark boy.

We talked about height and colour.
Now we talk about role
Role is very important in a friendship
Friendship is all depend upon role

Arpit is flirter boy.. He always try to talk any girl..
But if any girl reject him he don’t care.. He always have high attitude..

Arpit says always.. ‘ i never propose any girl.. Girl propose me always.. ‘

Man you are not single piece . shubham is also like you . he has also a high attitude like you but his graph is much higher.
Shubham how you manage a lots of girl. He always chat new girl everyday.

He also have a tagline ‘ if you fill 20 rps petrol then i will come ‘
Both have same attitude and same height .

But we all should have these type friends in our group.

Both are good.
I think you all have need this attitude boy in your friendship.

Now rajat

What should i say about this man . he is amazing … Amazing because he spend a money . whenever we bunk a class . man we all want you. Without you we feel lonely in bunk. Sometimes Only you spend money to us .

We all have need this type guys . an engineering life this type guy should be in every group .
But but man why you are so greedy .
But sometime you are kind person.
Arpit always say that you always show off.

But seriously we all have need this type guy in engineering life.

And you are still struggling ..

Bhagwaan ka diya hua sb h

Ghar hai paisa hai..

Saali ladki dhokha de rahi h .

His girlfriend has a other 4 boyfriend.
Chill …don’t panic we are with you just spend a money only to us.

He also have line ‘ do you know how much i spend a money ‘

Now we also have sincere guy in a group. who is talented. Prashant is double face guy . whenever we tease each other in a bus . he go and shit next to any girl . and his personality also show sincerity. Every girls wants to talk because for girls you are good person ..

But for us
Hraamkhor saare kaaam hamare jesa hi krta h phr bhi ladki ke saamne hero bnega . jaa dede sahara tu.

But he is really good person . now he selected in railway.. So congrats man !

Now come to aditya

I am writing this blog how can i insult myself .
No i am not going to explain myself .
But i am also multi-faces person.
If any one of my friend will read this blog . they can think about me how i am .

But here i am not going to explain.

We all have lots of friends but they are busy to do job. They are good in looks , relationship. And also good in singing and many more . in my group nitesh , rohit are in this category.

We need this four type friend in our life
In a group or every group there are 2 friends who always fight , who always tease each other. Just like arpit and rajat . they both fight , they both tease each other. But this is also a good memories of any friendship .

Fighting is part of every real relationship. The key is knowing how to resolve the fight without breaking up the friendship. Often it is the individual who knows how to communicate by sharing his feelings and not pointing fingers who can diffuse the situation. Since both members of the friendship are feeling defensive, it becomes a risky and sensitive venture. It may talk a couple tries to fully resolve your differences but you will come out with a stronger friendship at the other end.

I hope when you read this blog. You will feel your group .

I hope these four type friends we need in our group.



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