It was Thursday afternoon, my cell phone displayed 2.55 pm . when I got down from auto-rickshaw near Habibganj station. It is opposite to bus stand  from where I was supposed to take a Volvo bus to reach Bengaluru International Airport. I was waiting for around 15 mins and felt as if I am standing there for hours. Thought of calling few of my friends just to pass away the time.  The bus stop was empty and I kept on expecting some passenger to Airport just to get convinced about the timings of the bus.

I was over phone, and i am talking while walk suddenly I saw a gal getting down from an auto-rickshaw with two heavy luggages and a hand bag.

I was starring her continuesly and i felt

Ah! I was a bit relaxed,
I was  became more confident about the arrival within sometime.
It may sound strange that the arrival of a stranger could make me feel so relaxed.

Then my cellphone was ringing and i attended my call and i was busy in talking
when I heard a soft voice calling me from behind
“Excuse me, are you going to Airport?”

That was the first time when I looked at her carefully, she was dressed in a red top was of fair complexion,
Her eyes was adorable .. near-about my age and looked simple.
I answered her


I finished my call and turned behind as she was standing a bit far away from me.
I wanted to talk her so i decided .  It was now my turn to ask her something as I was very eager to know about the exact timings of the bus. I asked

“Hey, do you know what time the bus would come?”.

“Its suppose to arrive at 3.35”, she replied.
After 5 more mins she said
“Please come and stand nearby me as I won’t be able to take my heavy luggages near to you”.
I felt her to be friendly.

I was feeling shy .

Then we started with usual conversation and came to know that she is from Delhi, works in tcs and going to her native to spend holidays. Her flight timing was 7 o’clock in the evening. In the meantime, bus arrived and the time was 3.36. We got into the bus, sat together and started chatting.  Co-incidentally we both slept off after sometime. It was around 5 when we reached Airport. I saw the time  My flight was at 6.20.
I still had 1h20min time in hand and there was no need to hurry up.  As I was having a single suitcase which was not so heavy, I could get it down easily from the bus.
She went down to get a trolley


I was confused whether to wait or move on.
But i don’t want to go that time .
But i was thinking .. if i stop now may be she will be feel uncomfortable

By then, she came back and was pleased to see me waiting there.

She smiled and said

“Oh! You are still waiting here.”

We both somehow managed to pull down her two big bags with the help of bus conductor into the trolley.

She said “Hey keep your suitcase too in this trolley, no need of getting another one”.

I felt more comfortable in her company.

We went inside and distributed ourselves into our respective Airline counters.  Once we got the boarding pass, we met and climbed upstairs for security check-in. It was a long queue there and we had to stand for around half an hour. 

Suddenly I realized that we don’t know each other’s name and we were talking so long.
I was asking her
” hey what’s your name ”

“himanshi ” she said

I felt like name comes from heaven

” HIMANSHI ” nice

I am ” ADITYA “.

We were very comfortable with each other.

and we quickly decided to exchange our mobile numbers once we are done with the check-in.

I finished my check-in and saw my boarding time as 5.40 written in the ticket.
I told her that I will be waiting near Gate No. 6.
As soon as I reached near the gate, I heard the announcements for boarding into my flight had already started and my watch showed 5.45.

I was getting nervous But my eyes looked for her as we had decided to exchange our numbers.
I consciously knew that I was getting late,
but still something was stopping me to get through.
She did not come yet,
I was getting late but i was waiting .
it was another 2 mins.

I thought she might have forgotten.

And i decided..
I was about to make a move when I saw her running towards Gate No. 6,

I waved my hand… i felt like lots of happiness coming ..

She said i am sorry i couldn’t come on time.

She quickly told her 10 digit mobile number which I typed into my mobile and told me to give her a missed call.
I was in hurry almost running towards the airbus, simultaneously was trying to save her number but other peoples was also running and someone pushed me . I hurriedly said “No” by mistake when it asked to save the number.  All of this happened within seconds before I could realize what I have done. The number was lost.

She might have been waiting for my missed call.  She might have been guessing around many things but I did not have any second chance. The sense of trust that we developed in that short time span was really unusual. It may happen that we won’t meet again in this bigger world or we may meet sometime somewhere, when I am pretty sure she is going to ask me first “What happened, you did not give me a missed call that day?”


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