again i failed.
Again i got insulted by others.
Again i didn’t complete my work .
Again i don’t have any excuse .
Again i had to listen another stories.

And again i am repeating this all words.

Today i want a answer.

Hey god can you give me answer.

Hey you are listening or not.
Give me  a answer you know everything . Tell me why i failed always .

But again i don’t get answer.
Again god didn’t help me.

Again i ask myself … should i ask to my friend ?
No . They can not understand my feelings.

Ummm should i ask to my parents ?

No no no i can’t .. yesterday my father scolded me ..
and my mother also supported him.

Then who will help ..

And again i am weeping ..

Again my heart is getting pain.
Now i am not able to think ..
I want to die..

But again i can’t because i don’t have guts.

I am crying . I should not weep now i should wash my eyes .otherwise anyone will come .

Now let go the wash room . I got up and going in front of mirror..

I see myself in front the MIRROR .


suddenly i am looking at myself continue.

I am not able to understand what is happening.

I am scared..
I don’t know why i am staring myself.

Few minute after i feel that i am taking myself infront of the mirror.

I am confused what is happening..
But i don’t want to leave.
I don’t want to go back .

Somewhere i am getting myself

Then few minutes after i heard something .

” Hey ”

Who said hey

What is happening

Again another sound come

” Hey look at me ”

I scared .. i want to go back ..

” Hey look at me .. don’t go back. ”

” Just look in the mirror.. ”

” I am you ”

” i am your answer ”

I stopped.. mirror is talking with me or i am in the mirror ..

I said .. hey

Mirror  replied  : hey …. what happened.

Now i feel comfortable .

I said you can not understand my feeling you are the mirror.

Mirror : why you cry everytimes .

Me : because i failed again and again and again ..

Mirror : who told you that you are failed.

Me : rubbish !! I know myself i failed many times ..

Mirror : tell me in which race you failed.

Me : i wasn’t participate the race ..

Mirror : then how you failed ?

I think myself how i failed ? I am not in the race then how i failed.

Mirror : what you are thinking tell me.

Me : i ..i..i..i am not good in study.

Mirror : so ..

Me : but my parents only depend on study.

Mirror : so… just do

Me : they doesn’t know that nowdays so many opportunity came .. technologies and modernisation came..  i can do another thing ..

Mirror : what you want to be ..

Me : i don’t know but i am doing engineering..

Mirror : but you are not good in study..

Me : ya but i am average student. I never fail in school.

Mirror : then why you cry always
Why you slap yourself ?

Me : because i don’t have any talent .
My friends are goods in music and others are good in sports.
and they all have a relationship.

Mirror : ohh you are feeling jealousy

Me : no i respect them but i am not like my friends they are active .

Mirror : and what your friends doesn’t  have ..

Me : i am 6ft they are not.
         I respect others talent
But they tease.
Somewhere i am good in other activity .
They have some bad habits but i don’t have…

Mirror : it means you are better than your friends.

Me : i don’t know but may be i am good.

Mirror : but you failed . Have you ever complete your race.

Me : i told you i am not in the race .

Mirror : if you in the race then ?

Me : i don’t care how many participates are there . How many students are sitting in exam hall.  

They all are not my body parts why i count peoples .. if i going to give exam that time i have a one pan one sheet 3 hours one mind i will write myself .. i don’t care who is writing or not.

Mirror : if you are not in the race ..
              If you don’t care how   many  peoples are participating . Then why you cry.

I was looking continuously in the mirror
I started thinking all of my failure.
I started thinking how many times i didn’t understand my reality..

I took long breath .. and see the Mirror
My eyes are shining now .

And i have only one word to say in front of the Mirror.

Thank you Mirror
Now i got my answer
Now i knew who i am .

Only you can give my answer
Only mirror can solve my problem

It means only i can do what i want to do.
It means only i can care myself .
Only i can motivate myself.

Only MIRROR AND I ………..


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